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  Drive Test and Optimisation  
Drive test is conducted for checking the coverage criteria of the cell site with the RF drive test tool. The data collected by drive test tool in form of Log files are assessed to evaluate the various FR parameters of the network.
a.) Coverage area
  b.) Coverage –Indoor & outdoor
  c.) Speech Quality
  d.) Interference
  e.) Call drops in the network
Tools used-
a.) TEMS/Agilient drive test tool
  b.) GPS
  c.) Laptop
  e.) Inverter



Optimization is carried out in the network to minimize the call drops and RF interference in the network, to increase the indoor & outdoor coverage & better speech quality.

Action Required-
a.) Check BSS parameters to meet RF objective
  b.) Change the orientation & tilt of the GSM antenna
  c.) Height reduction of GSM antenna
  d.) Installation of TMA wherever required
  e.) Additional cell site if required
  f.) Indoor solutions for Indoor coverage
Why TNS?


  • TNS believes in quality and customer satisfaction.
  • TNS have skilled engineers for Drive Test and Optimization.
  • Engineers are been fully supported with the central team.
  • Regular trainings to Engineers.
  • Following are some Trainings provided to engineers for up gradation:
a.) BLT-1( Basic Level Training-1)
  b.) BLT-2( Basic Level Training-2)
  c.) RF Optimization Training.
  d.) BSS Parameters Training.
  e.) RF Planning and concepts.
  • Set of standard installation tools
  • Connectorization tools
  • Laptop
  • Power meter (digital/anolouge)
  • Safety belts& helmets
  • Ropes & other accessories
  • Ropes & other accessories
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