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TNS has carried out O&M of BTS equipments for Airtel GSM network in Delhi on Ericsson BTSs. It has also deployed manpower to carry out the activity in Airtel WB network on Nokia equipments.
Types of Activity:
  • Diagnostic of faults and analysis
  • Change of TRU/CTU or any other circuit pack
  • Verification /rectification of VSWR
  • Change of damaged feeder cables, connectorization of feeder cables & water proofing
  • Change of jumpers
BTS of different Vendors:
  • Ericsson-2202,2204,2206 (900 & 1800 MHz
  • Motorola-Horizon H1& H2(900 & 1800 MHz)
  • Siemens-BS240,BS241,BS288
  • Nokia- Ultra, Micro, Outdoor
  • Lucent-Microcell


  • Set of standard installation tools
  • Connectorization tools
  • Site Master
  • VSWR meter
  • Laptop
  • Frequency counter
  • Power meter
  • Safety belts& helmets
  • Ropes & other accessories


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