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This Business Unit is headed by Mr. Debjit Sarkar, experienced in the field of manufacturing and supplier management. He is supported by plant managers and supervisors. Our shelters are the state of art shelters conceptualized to provide protection to the high value telecom equipment. Telecom equipments are housed inside the shelter made of PUF sheets panels. The Panels are manufactured at the plant and shipped to site. At site these panels are assembled to make housing for the telecom equipments. To provide PUF sheets mechanical strength, the PUF is sandwiched between two very thin (0.5mm to 0.8mm) galvanised MS sheets. This compressed PUF between the galvanised MS sheets makes a panel. In a shelter there are numbers of such panels depending upon design parameters. A panel is typically specified by PUF thickness, galvanised MS sheet thickness, Dimension of panel. PUF based panels are used for housing telecom equipments because it provides better insulation.

        Heat transfers from inside to outside and vice versa is restricted because of efficient insulation properties of PUF. This makes the housing energy efficient and saves huge amount of energy.  Most of the telecom cell sites, diesel generating sets are also installed to provide standby back up. The use of PUF based panels in shelter being energy efficient makes diesel set to run less than had there been no PUF insulation in panels. Making the DG to run less number of hours causes less pollution and helps protect environment. Due to its energy efficient and environment friendly properties, PUF based shelters are widely used in telecom cell site for equipment housing.

Some of the features out lined below:
  • High thermal resistance
  • Reinforced floor panels
  • Air and water tight to achieve IP54 level protection
  • Long life with zero maintenance
  • High quality locks and stainless steel hinges.
  • Insulated Sandwich panel construction
  •  Cam Lock arrangement for locking the walls
  •  Color bond finish
  •  Hot Dip Galvanized base frame  (Optional)
  •  Vinyl anti-static floor covering
  •  Construction grade marine plywood floor
  •  Boot Pad for Wave guide entry
  • MS Step Ladder (Optional)
  •  Cable Tray  (Optional)
  •  Secondary roof
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Mr. Debjit Sarkar
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