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This Business Unit is headed by Mr. S K Yadav, having experience of various manufacturing industries in India and abroad. He is supported by plant managers and supervisors. The plant manufactures RTT as well as GBT towers for telecom use. Apart from telecom tower plant is capable enough to undertake works like shed fabrication, medium structures fabrications for factories, highways etc.

RTT and GBT towers of angular as well as hybrid (Main leg Tube and bracings of angle) of height from 9m to 24m for RTT and 30m to 100m for GBT are manufactured with TNS own design or customized design as per customer need.

All towers are complied to IS codes as applicable for raw material or fabrication process or galvanizing. Main source of material is SAIL, Power grid approved suppliers, Hindustan Zinc and customer approved suppliers. Types of towers supplied are:
  • Angular 4 legged (RTT 9m – 24m, GBT 30m - 100m)
  • Hybrid 3 legged (RTT 9m- 21m, GBT 30m - 80m)
  • Delta six legged for RTT up to 21m
  • Narrow base angular 4 legged towers for space optimization
TNS has consultants available on board for towers design and approval from IIT or SERC. TNS has number of own tower designs approved by IIT and SERC for RTT angular, GBT hybrid and GBT angular. As the design very as per tower loading so TNS may support to design towers as per customer needs.


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  Mr. Ajay Rai  
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