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  DWT Course in Telecom  
This is an entry level program for beginners who want to enter into the telecom industry. This program will help the candidates to enhance the skills to get the better job opportunity.

This course is divided in nine modules which are as below:

Module 1: Introduction and History of Telecom Network
  • Evolution of Telecom, Indian Telecom, Reform Process, Indian Telecom Sector, Telecom Services, Cellular Mobiles, Basic Telecom Services, Internet Services, National Long Distance, Telecom Bodies and Impact of Telecom Reforms

Module 2: Digital Communication


  • Introduction, Sampling, Nyquist Theorem, Pulse Modulation, PCM and Digital Modulation
Module 3: Telecom Fundamentals
  • Telecom Services, Telecom Networks, Telecom Standards, Telecom Switching, Telecom Signaling, Inter-working between networks and Introduction to Network Planning
Module 4: GSM System Engineering
  • Introduction and history of GSM, GSM frequency bands, General Architecture of GSM Networks, Channel concept in GSM, Radio Interface, Air Interface, GSM Identities and Traffic Cases
Module 5: Signaling in Telecommunication
  • Signaling in Telecom Network and SS7
Module 6: RF Engineering
  • F Fundamentals, RF Survey, Planning and Optimization of GSM Network
Module 7: Transmission Engineering
  • Modulation Schemes, Equipment Configuration, Microwave Planning Basics, Path Profile, Wave Propagation, Microwave survey and SDH
Module 8: Telecom Network Management
  • Unix Fundamentals, X.25 Protocol, Network Management Systems, Management Reports and Sub-reports and Traffic Recording
Module 9: Operation and Maintenance
  • Operation and Maintenance of Telecom Networks, Classification of Faults, O & M Philosophy and O & M Support System.
The Field Study session including Lab, Presentation and Projects shall also be a part of the training. All the trainees will undergo the field study as per schedule and availability.
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