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This Business Unit is supported by Mrs. Nidhi Sumbly  as head TNS-IT with vast experience in the field of education/ training in IT and Telecom industry. She  is supported by a group of professionals having experience in the same field.


The TNS institute for Telecom also known as TNSIT is formed to provide value addition to enhance the technical and personal skills of the candidates to the level which is required to work with the industry as per the current market scenario.


This BU has following verticals providing training in different segment:

  1 In-House Training
  2 Corporate Training
  3 Institutional Training
  4 Human Resource Services.


The In-House training is available for engineers to upgrade the technical skills by the proferssionals working with the project. The project engineers having hands-on experience guide them tough out the training. They used to share their day to day experiences, problem facing and the process of resolving issues in a highly professional environment.


The corporate training is also available for group of professionals working with the different industries. The training can be customized as per the requirement of the client. The corporate training is again scheduled and executed by the highly experienced professional in the field of telecom.


The Institutional training is made available to provide hands on experience to the engineers at the time when they are studying. The technical institutions/ colleges are willing to tie up with the corporate companies to provide value addition in their technical and personal skills so that they can be fit to work with the industry as per the demand.


The Human Resource Services is designed as a vertical for man power resource management, training, development and supply. The HR service is made to support the best man power resources in the industry using the external and internal database managed by TNSIT.

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