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1. Team Skill set
  • All project managers are graduate engineers having 6+ experience.
  • All site supervisors are diploma in civil, having 2+ experience.
2. Supervision
  • All the sites are supervised by TNS site supervisors.
  • Whole of a circle’s site in turn is managed by Project Manager.
3. Curing and curing time
  • Curing is of utmost importance and hence extra care is taken in doing the curing by wet gunny bags.
  • Curing is done as specified.
4. Specifications of Material used (Make varies from customer to customer)
  • Reinforcement shall be of Fe415.
  • Cement shall be OPC 43 Grade
  • Coarse aggregate of nominal size 20mm
  • Fine aggregate (passing through 4.75mm sieve).
  • Potable water
  • Class A brick
    5. IS code used
        • Reinforcement        :Confirm to IS:1786.
        • Cement                   :Confirm to IS:456
        • Potable water          :Confirming to IS:456.
    6. Major Checks for Tower Foundation
      • PCC – Excavation depth, PCC grade, material
      • Bar binding – Check of bars as per BBS, material.
      • Raft Casting – Check of material, grade of concrete.
      • Template setting – water level
      • Bolt grouting – Check of material, grade of concrete.
    7. Major Check for Civil
    • Excavation of Guard Room & boundary wall as per drawing.
    • PCC grade
    • Brick masonry as per drawing and mortar.
    • Chain link fencing as per drawing.
    • Proper compaction of earth at the site.
    • Pathway as per the drawing.
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