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Fuel Management System in short called FMS is the name given by TNS to conceptualize low skilled diesel filling at cell site to organized and managed way. TNS understand the critical requirement of fuel at cell site. Most of the Indian cellular networks are heavily dependent on standby power supply. As DG sets are primarily used for standby supplies, it needs continuous and timely filling of diesel to run the cell site without outages.

This had been considered a low skill job because at the end it requires low skilled manpower to do the job but managing a vast network with 1500-2000 sites, planning the route properly, getting information from OMC for any critically striving site for diesel, managing day to day inventory, reducing pilferage and maintaining fuel quality has not been simple but required a lot of effort, management understanding, monitoring.

TNS has been carrying out this job for Airtel network at UPW with 1500 sites probably one of biggest FMS system in India till date. We could achieve the targets of given SLAs with regular monitoring, training and education, surveillance and audits.
One of the biggest contributors of our achievement is FMS Soft a software package, helps to maintain huge database, provide analysis results, helps to plan route, provide information on worst cell site on diesel consumption, provides information on pilferages or theft. This software is very handy to raise invoices and track the past records of invoices. As numbers of sites are 1500 and every fortnight invoices need to be generated with information of each site hour metering of DG, this tool tremendously helpful to maintain the database and generate invoices and reports.
FMS system is managed by circle FMS head with supervisors, surveillance staff, MIS  assistant, OMC engineer and the whole team and reports are monitored at head office by head O&M.
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