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        Energy Control and Observation System is interface between the power source and user equipments i.e. Power Plant, Air conditioners etc. This unit is important to run the cell site and failure of unit may cause outages. The team works under ECOS service head. The fault log is maintained by ECOS service head and depending on nature of fault telephonic advice is given to customer’s technician or TNS field engineer is deputed for attending the fault. Back end, the service team is supported by R&D team and repair and maintenance team at factory level. Sufficient spares are made available to field support team and strong inventory management and repair and maintenance facility helps to rotate the spares timely.


        Fault log is analyzed by head operations at head office and improvements are continuously processed with advice and knowledge of R&D team.  All critical faults are attended immediately to reduce the down time. TNS ECOS being very stable unit has fewer occurrences of faults but some of the reasons for faults are poor installation or user handling which is being managed by better education and training programs.  A user guide with each ECOS also helps to understand operations and reduce operation related calls.

Some of the preventive checks:
  Check for loose connections / termination
DOCU-R unit installation and fixing at DG end
Ground and neutral termination
Measurements at front panel
ECOS log report for understanding history of equipment
Cleaning of dust and air vents
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