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1. Installation practice
  • DG on/off control & alarms are extended to ECOS.
  • AC, BTS load connections are extended from output MCBs as per requirement.
  • DG start/stop, LLOP & DG supply connections are extended to DOCU-R   from DG.
2. Major check points installation
    • ECOS & DOCU-R  earth connection is mandatory.
    • DG & ECOS supply connections are as per marking.
    • BTS battery sensing connections to be place in right slot and polarity.
    • SVSU  load should not exceed more than the rated current.
    • DG battery is recommended to be charged with battery charger of DOCU-R .
    • Avoid any external neutral connections (input mains) directly to load neutral.
3. Commissioning of ECOS
    • Eight potential free alarms available in ECOS, are extended to BTS.
    • The alarms are terminated on Control and Observation (COC) Card
    • When the alarms occur, relay contact will change to NC, in case of mains fail NC will become NO.
    • When the fire & alarm is sensed, ECOS will disconnect the load from mains, DG & switch of the DG.
    • In manual mode DG can be start or stopped manually by pressing the push buttons on the front side of ECOS-R.
    • DG dynamo should be switched off.
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