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Expert teams are deployed to carry out the task with all necessary tools, vehicle and communications. The team consists of technician with understanding of audit, check and rectification action. He is supported by two experienced riggers. A visual inspection is carried out, some of the critical points are photographed for report generation and feedback. A action list is created and all faults listed in the action lists are attended. At the end of visit final inspection is carried out and final report is prepared along with photographs.
Team carries certain amount of nuts, washers, paints etc for immediate implementation but incase requirement is high TNS tower factory arranges the required inventory after getting due approval from customer. In case there is requirement of change of any bracing because of damage or bending, TNS tower factory design team helps to design the bracing and fabricate the item and sends it to O&M team. Customer gets benefit of single window for service, design if any and supplies to make the tower strong enough to take designed load.
1. Why Tower O&M
    • Tower tightening reduces with passing time making the tower more vernal able to high wind speed.


2. Check Points of O&M
    • Tower tightening.
    • Tower verticality.
    • Check of rust in members & nut-bolts and replacement.
    • Earthing.
    • Aviation lamp function.
    • Paint.
3. Tools used
    • Torque wrench
    • Theodolite
    • Earth tester
    • Safety gears
    • Camera


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