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Tower Services
Tower services are managed in two stages. At circle level project manager monitors the progress of schedule, at head office level, central coordinator coordinates with all project managers for dispatch requirements, resource utilization, support for increased project load, quality checks and coordination between project and factory. Project manager with the supervisory team at his disposal makes sure that the progress is as per target dates committed to customer, same targets are monitored by central coordinator to facilitate project manager to achieve the target dates with all compliances.
1. Team Skill Set
  • Knowledge of structure drawing
  • Knowledge of BoM
  • Skilled erectors
2. Supervision
  • Each tower is supervised by TNS supervisor, a diploma holder in mechanical.
  • In process check of each tower is done.
3. Major Checks
  • Water level
  • Presence of all the material as per BoM.
  • Platform locations.
  • Antenna mount verticality, height & orientation.
  • Ladder and cable tray
  • Tightening of structure
  • Check nuts in foundation bolts.
4. IS codes for checks
(a) Wind : IS 875 latest
(b) Tower design : IS 802 latest
(c) Bolts and nuts : IS 6639 and IS 1367 latest
(d) Steel grade

: IS 2062 latest

(e) Galvanizing : IS 4759 latest
(f) Foundation

: IS 456 and IS 11233 latest

(g) Steel structure : IS 800 latest
(h) Steel pipes : IS 1161 Grade YST
5. Safety guidelines
    • Use of helmet by the erection team
    • Use of safety belts by the erection team
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