TNS Infrastructure

This Business Unit is headed by Mr. Ajay Rai (Director), a civil engineer by himself experienced in the field of Telecom and project management. He is supported by senior management and various group heads i.e. Project Management group responsible for providing Services of infra development at cell site. O&M group responsible for infra O&M related activities. Groups are supported by engineers in the specific field like site survey engineers, foundation and civil supervision engineers, towers, shelter services engineers etc.

This BU is responsible for following activities:

• Cell Site Infra Development which includes site acquisition, structure audits and analysis, soil test, foundation design and casting, cell site civil work, cell site electrical, services of towers, and shelters.
• Cell Site Infra O&M includes O&M activities of DG, Fuel Management at site, O&M of tower, shelter and other passive devices.
• Telecom Projects Management.

To support this BU, project offices are available at Meerut, Lucknow, Patna, Ahamdabad, Kolkata and Indore. Each project office is headed by Project Manager. To support him, civil coordinator, electrical coordinator, logistic and admin staffs are provided.

Well documented process and procedures are available to carry out any of the activity under this BU. Time to time in house trainings are organized to enhance the skill set of the engineers, supervisors and technicians working in the field. Strict vendor selection process is adopted and performance of vendors is monitored periodically.